At Scala, we have developed the first Enterprise Solution for Network Simulation, Emulation and EDA Collaboration empowering the Hyperscaler and Vendor Ecosystem to operate with higher performance, increased efficiency and visibility



Discrete event network simulation at data center scale
EDA collaboration platform
Networking VM Emulation
Cluster selection heuristics and pre-processing engine
Simulation model fidelity testing
Analytics post-processing engine
Our proprietary multi-data center platform allows users to dynamically spin up computing resources optimized for their applications while automating the migration, deployment, submission and management of HPC jobs in cloud environments with our auto-configuration capabilities. The platform includes management tools for Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Cost and Usage tracking, Logs, Job and Workspace Archiving and Disaster Recovery.
We developed a unique HPC ns-3 simulation cloud-based SaaS platform for network simulation and also an electronic design automation (EDA) collaboration platform.

Key Benefits Include

Pre-integrated software applications
Access a growing suite of network simulation, emulation and EDA software applications pre-configured with optimal hardware pairings
On-Demand Availability
Zero queue time across all your HPC workloads
Built For The End-User
Utilize the Scala Compute Platform directly with streamlined end-user workflows and automated optimization that requires no additional DevOps support
Flexible Provisioning
Leverage elastic scaling that automatically right-sizes high-performance computing resources across your application’s demand cycles
Reliable And Secure Performance
Gain access to a diverse set of infrastructure globally, tailored to your application’s unique requirements and supported by dependable security and disaster recovery features