Electronic Design Automation and Collaboration Platform

The Scala Electronic Design Automation (EDA) platform is an orchestrated cloud environment that is performance optimized for EDA software. We make it easier to build and manage teams across the organization and with joint development partners.



Remote teams and joint development partners can collaborate on the same files and software versions
Teams can focus on innovation with minimal instruction, overhead or IT
Performance is optimized for Schematic Capture, PCB Design and Signal Integrity on the AWS Cloud
Custom software environments with EDA vendors
Managers can control access to workspaces, projects and files, track progress with logs and notifications, predict and reduce compute and license costs, and review designs with partners while always retaining control of the Intellectual Property.

Scala Computing orchestrates secure backed-up storage with archives, rolling snapshots and disaster recovery, and without any capital expenditures for hardware or burden on IT.


  • The Scala Compute Platform is optimized for Schematic Capture, PCB Design, Signal Integrity and Silicon Development


  • The right hardware is always available when you need it to take on new market opportunities


  • Remote teams and design partners can securely work together on the same files and software versions
  • Provision secure platforms or workspaces to host Joint Design Manufacturing Partners (JDMs), remote/distributed design teams or special projects
  • Bring together talented teams to work on any project from anywhere in the world


  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • No capital expenditures (CapEx)
  • Predictable and manageable cost structure
  • Increased IT efficiency
  • Efficient use of EDA software licensing


  • AWS infrastructure has an 88% lower carbon footprint
  • 100% powered by renewable energy by 2025
  • High utilization public clouds reduce waste


  • You focus on your EDA, we focus on the platform
  • Secure Access via web browser from anywhere
  • Low overhead & intuitive UX


  • Role based access control (RBAC)
  • Logs and custom notifications track important events and file changes
  • Ownership of data is maintained, even when working with JDM partners
  • All data is automatically captured in a rolling snapshot, key files or folders can be backed up with versioning and entire workspaces can be archived when the project is complete