Full Stack Engineer

We run a High-Performance Computing Platform (HPC) on AWS with many additional opensource technologies and middleware. All our systems run in the Cloud so we always think cloud first! Our team uses a mix of Linux and some Windows. We are trying to remove each and every barrier that would keep the product team from executing faster than our competitors and releasing a clean, quality product. This means supporting and testing our full stack in a public cloud environment along with distributed schedulers, logging solutions, metrics, storage archiving, and optimization of HPC application cost and performance.

Role Description

The candidate will work closely with HPC engineers to build out a GUI front-end with supporting stateless RESTful API for configuring and running HPC simulations on the cloud.

The candidate will have experience working with javascript on the front-end (React) and a strong understanding of how to build API’s preferable in Golang but other languages will be considered. This candidate should also have some understanding of the AWS public cloud.

Minimum Requirements
  • 2+ years working with React/Redux
  • 1+ years working with Server-side (Go) developing API (or other backend language)
  • 1+ years working with Python programming language
  • 1+ years working with Cloud services management (AWS preferable)
  • 1+ years working with RDBMS (Postgres preferred)
Responsibilities include (not limited to)
  • Developing UI/UX using JS, CSS
  • Developing API/cloud orchestration using Go programming language
  • Developing integration/orchestration with cloud services using Python
  • Developing Database changesets and SQL queries
  • Managing Cloud Services linked to orchestrated platforms (AWS)
Preference will be given to candidates with the following
  • Cloud deployment and orchestration (Terraform)
  • Developing and testing CLI (Python)
  • Developing and testing API middleware (Go)
  • Solid understanding of Protocols and related limitations (SSH, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Telemetry workflow and resultant Reporting architecture

Send your resume to hr@scalacomputing.com